Nasr.Risky and YaLLa eSports wins WCA 2017 UAE CS: GO qualifiers

Nasr.Risky and YaLLa eSports wins WCA 2017 UAE CS: GO qualifiers

Today, UAE qualifiers have reached their final stop in the current WCA 2017 Championship for its  Counter-Strike : Global Offensive Division  or as it’s known as CS: GO.





Before we talk about the finals, we will complete from where we last stopped, when we talked about a great game in the last article, all of which were very high in skill and performance. We mentioned a match between Fear The Reaper and Onlines.


The match ended with a very close match at 16 – 14 for Fear The Reaper, that is, he managed to survive by winning the last few rounds.


Now we will move on to a more interesting match between the leading team of these qualifiers, of course YaLLa eSports, who found himself in a new game against Fear The Reaper, the latter dominated the beginning of the game and managed to win in three consecutive rounds, but their professional opponent finished This series of victories and gradually began to adjust the results, and they continued to do so by repeating the scenario and winning. However, YaLLa eSports did the impossible when their loss was almost certain at 12-6 for their opponent, but they proved to everyone their high skill and consistency and did not allow their opponent to win any other round. In favor of them, The last result is 16-12.




The next game was another loss for Onlines against competitor After Dark in the lower bracket of the playoffs, and this is actually the second game won by the latter within the same section.


All of us recall the loss suffered by Nasr. Risky in the early matches yesterday, but they revealed their teeth today and showed a rebirth that burned all of its opponents.


In their next game in the lower bracket, they scored a landslide victory over their opponent, Validous Gaming, after they were paralyzed from scoring any victory, not even in one round, ending 16-0.


The next battle of the team was not inferior, but broke the dreams of After Dark to rise to the top after many attempts in the lower bracket, but unfortunately their enemy now are Nasr.Risky who allowed them to only win one round to lose all other rounds and thus the final result was 16-1 to Nasr.Risky.


The recent loss of Fear The Reaper put them in another competition but this time against Nasr.Risky. The latter dominated the first rounds of the match, and their opponent tried to return somehow, but the final results of the match were at 16-5.


We are now aware that the UAE representatives in the 2017 WCA national qualifiers and they are Nasr.Risky and YaLLa eSports, but for greater pleasure, another battle has begun to determine the first and second place.


The first map ended well for Nasr.Risky with smooth control over most of the rounds, so that this map ends with a final score of 16-5.


The second map of Mirage and the latter was also in favor of the same team, but this one showed a greater symmetry in the balance of power, due to the same level of performance and skill certainly between the two teams, making the match ends with a result of 16-8 to find Nasr.Risky ranked first and YaLLa eSports ranked Second, but as we mentioned both of them are considered the winner of the day as they qualify together for the national qualifiers in WCA 2017.



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