The new champion Zoe and her Abilities in League of Legends

Zoe, the new champion, was revealed by Riot, and the League of Legends community has been very busy trying to wrap their heads around her abilities.

And let us tell you, the task is harder than it sounds.

Let’s go with Zoe abilities.

Passive: More sparkles!

Her kit starts out simply enough. Her passive, More sparkles!, grants her next basic attack bonus damage after casting a spell. Easy enough, right? One spell equals one basic attack with extra damage.

Q: Paddle Star

This is where things start to get a wee bit more confusing. Her Q starts out as a simple projectile ability. She casts it, and if it hits the enemy, it deals damage and applies her passive. The thing is, though, she can also cast it far away, and then recast the ability to a new location while it’s still flying from the first cast, causing the projectile to then snap back to the new location. The further the projectile flies in the straight line, the more damage it does, so you’ll need to master some sick trick shots to fully appreciate this ability’s damage.

W: Spell Thief

Her W, Spell Thief, is unlike any spell ever seen in League. When nearby enemies cast Summoner Spells or item actives, they drop a shard that Zoe can then pick up and use to recast that same item or spell. Mirroring an enemy’s spell or item also gives Zoe some orbs that then automatically fire out towards an enemy, each one triggering her passive.

E: Sleepy Trouble Bubble

The Sleepy Trouble Bubble is also a potent crowd control spell. She throws out a ball that sticks to the first enemy hit, dealing damage and causing them to become drowsy. After a few seconds, they fall asleep and will take extra damage from the next spell or attack. If the ball doesn’t hit an enemy, it lingers on the ground for a while, sticking to the first enemy that walks over it, sort of like a Zilean bomb.

R: Portal Jump

This is Zoe’s primary mobility. After casting her ult, she warps to a location before warping back a moment later. While warping, she is able to attack, cast spells, and see over walls, but she cannot move. On its own, this is a very simple ability, but paired with the other tricks she has up her quirky sleeves, this can be a real mind bender when it comes to fooling your enemies.

With Zoe’s reveal, she’ll likely be released in a couple of weeks with Patch 7.23.

Jalal Tarabulsy

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