New line of code hints at PC version of Final Fantasy XV

New line of code hints at PC version of Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix has thus far only announced PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Final Fantasy 15. However, according to JavaScript code found on the official page for an upcoming event, the game is also coming to PC.

The site code was discovered by NeoGAF user KupoNut, and has since been removed. It makes references to PC and Windows 10 SKUs.

Other references in the code mention a number of new pages that will be added later, such as a trailer, FAQ, an about page etc. However, it’s worth noting that this code is almost identical to that found on the Rise of the Tomb Raider page, and Square Enix could’ve just copied it from there despite not planning a PC version.

Watch the recently released trailer below as well, which shows us some gameplay footage of Noctis and co infiltrating a military state base:

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