New World of Warcraft expansion on the way

New World of Warcraft expansion on the way

A new World of Warcraft expansion has been announced by Blizzard during the events of Gamescom as promised earlier under the subtitle of “Legion”, where we’ll go back to The Burning Legion with many new additions.

The level cap will be increased to 110 this time. Players will experience new raids and dungeons where they seek Artefact Weapons. New class called Demon Hunter will be made available to play as well.

As for the story events of World of Warcraft: Legion, it takes place in The Broken Isles where players will discover the Tomb of Sargeas which serves as a portal connecting to other worlds. Watch the overview of the many features of this expansion below:

In other news, looks like more players are abandoning the famous online MMO. A loss of 1.5 million players was recorded in the latest Activision Blizzard financial reports since the last quarter. Player count now sits at 5.6 million players and this isn’t the first time the game have lost a similar number of subscribers, it did so earlier this year losing more than 1 million players compared to last year. Will the new expansion bring some of them back?

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