Nosgoth developing officially coming to a halt

Nosgoth developing officially coming to a halt

Bad news for Legacy of Kain fans. It looks like the multiplayer game based on the lore of the series is closing down next month.

Developed by Psyonix (developers behind Rocket League), Nosgoth saw the light of Early Access a year ago on Steam where players had the chance of competing as the game’s development progressed. However, Square Enix said the game’s closure is due to its commercial fail and low number of players.

If you still play the game you’ll have until May 31 before servers close down. You can’t buy any in-game items currently and any purchase made after March 1 will be refunded. Even though Nosgoth is no more, Square said this won’t affect future Legacy of Kain projects, so there’s still hope for us in a Soul Rever sequel perhaps.

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