“Oculus Rift” Makes a death wish come true , brings happiness to a dying old woman

“Oculus Rift” Makes a death wish come true , brings happiness to a dying old woman

Oculus Rift … the virtual reality device that’s making the headlines of today’s news , has proven to us that it is possible for a piece of technology to be a reason of someone’s happiness , and just like what one of the developers team ,”Palmer Luckey” , said , ‘it’s going to change the world’ .

Or at least it did change the world for one old woman , “Roberta Frstenberg” , who had been diagnosed with cancer and is too weak for extended mobility , her last dying wish was to go out on a walk around her front yard , the thing that made her granddaughter “Priscilla” , a video games artist , send a note to the Oculus developing team last year to help her out . the team agreed and sent a dev kit of the device as soon as they could .

The grandma tried several tech demos on the Oculus , and described her experience as “like a therapy” for her ,she also did enjoy the Google Street view VR demo , but her granddaughter wanted more so she assembled some friends and colleagues to create a tech demo containing what the granny loves the most , butterflies , waterfalls , a forest filled with fairies and flowers …

Sadly , “Roberta”s cancer began to spread more and she became weaker than being able to use the Oculus again .

The grandma died after four weeks from using the Oculus Rift for the first time ..

There’s no doubt that the Virtual Reality is going to open new doors when used in gaming , but “Luckey” and the rest of the Oculus development team are determined that the virtual reality is going to find its way into several other uses in different areas , and it’s no doubt that miss “Firstenberg”‘s story tells us a tale about how the VR can be used for therapy and making one’s death wish come true , and how technology can be used to do good and provide happiness for someone out there .

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