Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventures

Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventures

Pac-Man can run (well, it’s more of a slow jog) and double jump in the traditional fashion, but he feels weightless and imprecise to control – immediately getting wrong one of the most important elements of a platform game.

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His primary goal is still trying to eat ghosts, but the routine for doing so is not as elegantly simple as it used to be.

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Where the game attempts to do something original you have a range of different power-up suits that Pac-Man can wear. So, for example, dressing up as a chameleon allows him to shoot out a sticky tongue to snag enemies. In most cases though the ghosts can only be dealt with unnatural and the suits are instead used to navigate the world, such as using the tongue to grab onto poles or donning the rock suit to roll along the ground.

Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventures-1280 x 720

Oddly, eating power pellets is not the primary way of defeating ghosts, and instead the only thing like them is eating five ghosts in a row so that you then ‘scare’ the ghosts into turning blue and running away in the traditional manner. Other suits let you shoot ice or fire but they’re usually just for overcoming specific barriers or enemies, and feel extremely contrived as a result.

Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventure 1280 x 720

Formats: Xbox 360 (reviewed), PlayStation 3, Wii U, PC, and 3DS

Publisher: Namco Bandai Developer: Namco Bandai Games America

Release Date: 7th March 2014

Age Rating: 7

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