Everything we know about new patch 9.3 in League of Legends

The new patch 9.3 have huge rounds of nerfs to help control many champions dominance, according to the official patch note.

Aatrox, Akali, Camille, Cassiopeia, and Irelia are all on this week’s list of balance changes. But you must get ready for the more changes too, because crit items are being updated again. Some of the changes will feel familiar—Infinity Edge for instance provides flat crit chance like it used to. But there’s lots of other things that are changing.

And as always all changes is here below in this report:

Champions Nerfs


Both Aatrox’s base health regen and health regen growth will be increased, while the Darkin Blade’s Umbral Dash (E) will lose its healing against non-champions. Riot also removed Aatrox’s ability to store a charge on his E and significantly increased the cooldown on the ability, although it is now reduced by cooldown reduction.


Perhaps the most notable of the changes is the removal of stealth under turrets on Akali’s Twilight Shroud (W). This ability provided Akali an large outplay potential, allowing her to weave in and out of turret aggro relatively unscathed while diving her lane opponent. The shroud will also see an increase in cooldown after the first level. Likewise, Akali’s heal on her Five Point Strike (Q) has been removed, although the assassin received an increase in her base health regen.


Camille received minor changes to her jungling capabilities. The Steel Shadow can no longer stun minions or monsters on her Hookshot (E), which could result in the champion’s priority returning to the top lane.


Cassiopeia received minor changes to her Noxious Blast (Q) and Miasma (W), decreasing the damage with both abilities at later stages in the game. The mage’s Q will have a slightly increased ability power ratio, whereas her W will now see an increase in mana cost while doing less damage per second.


Irelia will see increases to her base health growth and armor. Her passive Ionian Fever has been addressed to “reduce the burstiness of her initiation combos,” while her Bladesurge (Q) and Defiant Dance (W) will see an increase in damage to minions and in damage reduction, respectively.

Items Changes

  • Infinity Edge: Grants crit chance and increases crit damage, though not as much as before.
  • Essence Reaver: Going back to a crit and CDR item, Essence Flare removed.
  • Phantom Dancer: No longer decreases damage from the last champion you hit but grants a shield a low health—the crit version of Maw.
  • Stormrazor: Now amplifies Energized effects.
  • Zeal item components: Kircheis Shard and Zeal are getting cheaper.
  • Zeal items: Rapid Firecannon, Runaan’s Hurriacne, and Statikk Shiv are having their cost and crit chance tweaked and Shiv will grant more attack speed.
  • Last Whisper: More AD and armor penetration, with its finished items getting more AD as well.

New Items

  • Cloak of Agility: It’s back! Gives you some crit chance and builds into Infinity Edge and Essence Reaver
  • Spear of Shojin: A new AD and health item that has Essence Flare, specifically built for bruisers.

Infinity Edge

Its build path is a lot more flexible as well. If you don’t have 1,300 gold, that’s okay, because it builds out of a B.F. Sword, Pickaxe, and Cloak of Agility just like it used to. It gives flat 25% crit chance and no longer converts crit damage to true damage. Instead, it boosts crit damage by 25%, down from the 50% it provided before last year’s changes.

Last Whisper

Riot is boosting the power of the un-upgraded Last Whisper as a way to provide some punch without investing in a fully complete item. 10 more AD is nothing to scoff at and the 20% armor penetration is great.

The fully upgraded Lord Dominik’s Regards or Mortal Reminder will keep some of the increased AD, both getting boosted by 5. The point is that marksman will have to think about when and how to mix other items into their crit builds.

Phantom Dancer

Phantom Dancer will feel a lot different—the 12 percent damage reduction that it gives now is useful, but it’s hard to measure that in game. Getting a shield and low health? Now that’s super impactful and could boost champions like Yasuo and Tryndamere who rush this item and love to all-in fight.

Essence Reaver and Spear of Shojin

This item is being reworked some to provide some CDR, crit chance, and mana, benefiting ability marksman like Ashe and Sivir. The Essence Flare effect, which is now called Awakened Dragon, is being put on a new item, Spear of Shojin, which is making its appearance on the Rift after being introduced in Nexus Blitz.

This will now be a good early- or mid-game option for AD casters and bruisers like Renekton or Riven that rely on their ultimates to all-in. It might also be broken on Lethal Tempo Yi.


The old Stomrazor became a mandatory rush item on crit ADCs. Even though it set the overall build behind, if one ADC built it, the other had to as well in order to not fall behind in lane.

Now, Infinity Edge fits the niche of a greedy rush item while Zeal items are more accessible. So Riot is reworking Stormrazor into a utility item that buffs Zeal effects and is meant as a mid or late game addition.

All these new changes with patch 9.3 are available now when update your own game client.

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