Pewdiepie and Ninja form an unlikely alliance to participate in a Fortnite tournament

The Internet went into a craze this afternoon to hear that both Twitch and Youtube kings will meet for the first time in a historic event we have never seen before, a Fortnite tournament that is about to become one of the hottest of 2019

Although he was known for his hate of the famous game, aside from that one time he played it to defeat T-Series, PewDiePie seems to have decided to put the past behind and engage in a new experience by entering the Friday Fortnite event to play alongside Tyler “Ninja “Blevins, who he also jokingly criticized him in previous videos.

The 29-year-old Swede will be part of the second week of the tournament organized by the other famous Youtuber “KeemStar”, who himself has announced this weird Duo team-up through his Twitter. The $20,000 Friday Fortnite tournament started its second season on May 31 with NRG winning first place, and now we will see “Ninja” enter their second challenge with Pewdiepie after temporarily separating from his usual teammate “Reverse2K” for this duo event.

The second phase of Friday Fortnite second season is coming June 7, this weekend, and it will be streamed live through Youtube and Twitch giving us a chance to see how Pewdiepie will play against the various professional teams that have come to win the Grand Prix.

Pewdiepie has achieved more than 96 million subscribers so far on Youtube and still holds the title of the world’s most popular individually-owned channel despite losing the T-Series battle, with the Indian label now exceeding 100 million subscribers. It will be interesting to see the performance of “Pewdiepie” in a game he has always criticized, especially since he is one of the supporters of its rival PUBG, which caused him some problems in the past when he uttered one racist remark in an angry moment.

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