“Playbook 4” is the name of this portable Playstation 4 device

“Playbook 4” is the name of this portable Playstation 4 device

Have you ever dreamed of having a powerful console you can take with you wherever you go just like a laptop ? then keep reading.

As Ed Zarick, one of the custom modders and the one who made “Xboox One”, a portable Xbox One console with a screen, has made “Playbook 4″ based on the great demand.

Playbook was built using the same foundation that was used in making Xboox One, Zarick said. It consists of a 3D printed case of his design, a 22” LCD LED screen with a resolution of 1080p, and of course a Playstation 4 console inside.

In case you wanted to buy this design it’s gonna cost you $1395 for the whole package, but if you already own a PS4 and you want it modded like that you can pay $1095, an HDMI port for those who like to have the option of connecting the console to their TV is available on demand and adds an extra $50 to the cost. Playbook 4 does not come with any internal power source though so you’re gonna have to connect it to a wall socket.

Video below, if you thought about ordering this thing you can head down the link for more details .

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