PlayBox – The console we’ve all wanted

PlayBox – The console we’ve all wanted

Ever felt that you need a machine to play all of your favorite Xbox and PlayStation games in one place? Look no more. As modder Eddie Zarick recently revealed his latest creation in response of an order of one of his customers to build a portable PS4/Xbox One hybrid. Here’s the result.

The PlayBox 4One took a month to build. It features both consoles under the hood packed with a 22″ Full 1080p resolution screen in a portable laptop-like casing. You can switch between the two consoles at ease with a switch in the back. However, you can’t turn them both on due to hearing issues that would occur. The PlayBox has one cord to power the whole thing so you just have to plug and play.

This isn’t the first time we see something of Zarick, as he made it to the news a couple of times before namely for his PlayBook, Xbook and Xbook Duo; which is both the Xbox One and 360 in one device. The PlayBox is however not available for purchase yet unlike the Playbook and Xbook that you can buy for $1400 and $1500 respectively.

Watch the video below for this dream machine :


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