Playstation 4 outsold Xbox One for the 8th month in the US

Playstation 4 outsold Xbox One for the 8th month in the US

Sony’s Playstation 4 outsold Xbox One and came out on top once again , as the NPD numbers reveal for the month of August.

PS4 and Xbox One made 70% of hardware sales last month in the US market, the best selling games were Madden NFL 15, Diablo II: Reaper of Souls, Minecraft, The Last of Us and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Sony’s console sold nearly 190.000 units, while the closest competitor the Xbox One had 160.000, Wii U came third with almost 59.000 units followed by last gen consoles and the PS Vita, list below :

  • Playstation 4 : 190.000
  • Xbox One : 160.000
  • Wii U : 59000
  • Xbox 360 : 49000
  • Playstation 3 : 27000
  • Wii : 13000
  • Playstation Vita : 6000

Xbox One’s kinect-less model did help the sales, as Microsoft confirmed that the numbers nearly doubled comparing to July. However, Madden NFL 15 sold more on the PS4 than it did on the X1.. which is a little surprising considering that the favorite console for that game and EA Sports is Xbox One.

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