Pokémon Art Academy coming next fall for your 3ds

Pokémon Art Academy coming next fall for your 3ds

Announced Development Team Nintendo for PLAYED new Academy special drawing creatures Pokemon for your 3ds, All you had to do is that you grasp the Abertk and start learning and drawing , where you progress this academic collection of photos magnificent art and video games original Pokemon game , there are approximately 40 tutorial train you on How to paint the creature your favorite fast and easy manner , and the students of the academy in charge Pokemon can get on the skills of illustration and illustrating features of this art , and can the players that they share their art with friends online , a reminder that this academic fees art first appeared on the device ds in 2009 .

Offering you a game Academy of charge technical all materials for painting and how to use a paintbrush with precision , also there is a color palette that helps coloring fees , and available number of pencils and soft brush and broad , the Academy of Arts will facilitate you to process fees through lessons gradual private and that teaches you how to use the panel fees and take advantage of the techniques and materials available there .

This begins with these lessons beginning surcharge easy then to rise gradually to reach the fees difficult then arrive finally to the professionalism , more advanced stages of the drawing , you’ll notice that the artwork has become more difficult and drawing board containing tools expanded , the development team would love to give the players a unique experience through them live this art in all its details , and also give you the opportunity to communicate with your friends in the world and help them in drawing and you share your art , the game will be released on your 3ds on July 4 to Europe , and can be downloaded via the shop Nintendo eShop,
as it is you can visit the Academy of here .


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