Power Rankings of EU LCS Summer Split 2018 week one

This week the EU LCS summer split 2018 are back with G2 Esports are back on top of the EU LCS, after Fnatic dominated on the most of spring split.

The Meta heavily favors G2’s style of strong solo laners with an aggressive jungler and they’ve made the most of it, getting fantastic performances across the roster. And Fnatic’s adventures with the gold funneling strategy.

And as always, we will start the power ranking of EU LCS summer split week one from the bottom:

  • 10- Unicorns of Love (7 points).
  • 9- H2k (7 points).
  • 8- Giants Gaming (11 points).
  • 7- ROCCAT (17 points).
  • 6- FC Schalke 04 (20 points).
  • 5- Splyce (23 points).
  • 4- Vitality (28 points).
  • 3- Fnatic (33 points).
  • 2- Misfits (35 points).
  • 1- G2 (39 points).

G2 Esports are running in the Meta. They’re playing with pace, and not only has that been successful, it’s been fun to watch.

Jalal Tarabulsy

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Jalal Tarabulsy

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