The power rankings of LCS Spring Split 2019 week six

During the sixth week of competition in LCS spring split 2019 we saw amazing performance by many teams including Cloud9 and TSM.

Team Liquid are still the dominating one in this league, but TSM started playing, especially with their match against Cloud9 in the second day of that’s week, but in this day Cloud9 are writed their amazing comeback story by golden letters.

And as always we will start the power rankings during the sixth week of LCS Spring split 2019 from the top:

  • 1- Team Liquid (40 points).
  • 2- Cloud9 (36 points).
  • 3- TSM (32 points).
  • 4- Golden Guardians (28 points).
  • 5- OpTic Gaming (23 points).
  • 6- FlyQuest (20 points).
  • 7- Clutch Gaming (13 points).
  • 8- CLG (12 points).
  • 9- 100 Thieves (11 points).
  • 10- Echo Fox (5 points).

For a second-straight week, there was no confusion at the top. If anything, TSM have climbed closer to C9 via their strong early game and surprise top lane Neeko that almost swung the game between the two in TSM’s favor. On the other hand, Liquid need to ward more. Yes, we’re nitpicking. But they’re the prohibitive favorite to make it to MSI right now.

Jalal Tarabulsy

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Jalal Tarabulsy

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