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The power rankings of LCS Spring Split 2019 week three

The competition between teams continue during the third week of LCS spring split 2019, while the Team Liquid still the top one.



Right now in NA, we have four teams tied at 3-3 and four more tied at 2-4. What does that mean? Essentially that 80 percent of the league sucks. Only Liquid and Cloud9 have risen above that fray.

And as always we will start the power rankings during the third week of LCS Spring split 2019 from the top:

  • 1- Team Liquid (40 points).
  • 2- Cloud9 (36 points).
  • 3- 100 Thieves (30 points).
  • 4- FlyQuest (27 points).
  • 5- CLG (25 points).
  • 6- Clutch Gaming (19 points).
  • 7- Echo Fox (18 points).
  • 8- OpTic Gaming (10 points).
  • 9- Golden Guardians (9 points).
  • 10- TSM (6 points).

Not much has changed for these two teams Liquid and Cloud9. When they play well, they win. The good news is that they’re both well suited to transition into a mage mid lane and crit bot lane Meta. We might see someone like 100 Thieves join them, but for now, it’s still lonely at the top of the LCS 2019.


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