PS+ version of Driveclub might never see the light

PS+ version of Driveclub might never see the light

Probably one of the largest disappointments of last year, Driveclub faced a broken launch and broken servers. Not only that, but the level of hype everyone had for the delayed title that released after a whole year of the original plans weren’t met with the exact expectation. Still, we were promised with a free version for all PS+ subscribers to try out the full game with several cars and tracks. These promises are starting to fade with the constant delay of that version.

Sony’s Europe division boss Jim Ryan confirmed in an interview that a PS Plus version is still in the talks, but Sony can’t guarantee will it ever see the light of the day.

“I can’t say anything at this stage.” said Ryan when asked for a guarantee of the Plus version.

Driveclub is now available for PS4 if you want to try out the full game.

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