PS4 consoles are being bought by former Xbox gamers

PS4 consoles are being bought by former Xbox gamers

Sony Computer Entertainment America boss “John Koller” revealed some interesting numbers about who buys Sony’s latest console, the PS4 .

One surprising fact was that 31% of PS4 owners didn’t have a PS3 console last generation , which means they mostly were Xbox 360 and Wii owners.

Another 14% of the user base for the PS4 didn’t have a gaming console at all before , according to koller.

“We’re starting to see a lot more of what we thought were going to be adopters later down the cycle coming in really early,” he said.

This group is described as “indulgers, people that are traditionally a little bit more price-sensitive or down the funnel that have kind of bucked the trend as it were”, but are getting behind the PS4 early on.”

PS4’s latest sales figure revealed it’s still the number 1 bought console in USA , with 197.000 consoles sold last month against 94.000 for Xbox One , PS4 has shipped 7 Million units since release .

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