PS4: here’s how to Use the “share” function to broadcast your gameplay

PS4: here’s how to Use the “share” function to broadcast your gameplay

Have you ever wondered before how to broadcast your PS4 gameplay on Twitch or Ustream ? we’re about to show you right here !

PS4 users can live-broadcast their content on Twitch or Ustream services. by pressing the “Share” button on the DualShock 4 controller in-game and choosing “Broadcast Gameplay”, the user can sign in to his Twitch or Ustream account almost instantly. you can use the Playstation Eye accessory too , and you’ll be given the choice of enabling or disabling it.

The menu options allow the broadcaster to activate the mic to do a voice-over commentary on his gameplay or muting it altogether , mute the in-game sound to make the commentary clearer , and automatically sending links to Twitter and Facebook and add comments .

broadcasting sessions can be ended by pressing the “share” button on the controller again.

To know more about the broadcasting process using the PS4’s share function , watch the video below (via IGN’s youtube channel ) :

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