PS4’s exclusive “Horizon: Zero Dawn” won’t hold your hand

PS4’s exclusive “Horizon: Zero Dawn” won’t hold your hand

Guiding players and holding their hands is something we got used to this generation and is heavily used in all sorts of games. You barely start playing to see tons of guides everywhere to remind you of how to play and what to do or where you go, but the action-RPG title that’s coming to Sony’s PS4 is a different story… it won’t even contain a tutorial.

“We don’t tutorialise the game, we don’t go and tell you how to hunt these robos or how they interact. You really have to go out there and explore these things by trial and error.” Said art director Jan-Bart van Beek from Guerrilla Games.

“And it’s the same case for learning about how the robos interact between themselves; who’s protecting who and how they are all interconnected. You’re always a little bit like David Attenborough where he’s sitting in the bushes and studying these creatures trying to learn their behaviour, seeing how you can exploit that behaviour from them.”

He also talked a little about the technical side of the game. As Beek mentioned that the game will be running at 1080p with a frame rate of 30 per second. Horizon uses an updated Killzone: Shadow Fall engine to allow even better graphics and more open environments.

“It is actually still the same engine but then [there is] an enormous leap from Shadow Fall to this.”

Horizon: Zero Dawn releases next year for PS4. Watch the E3 trailer below:

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