Rarest PS4 ever made sells for $129,000

Rarest PS4 ever made sells for $129,000

An auction was held by Sony this week on the internet for the rarest Playstation 4 20th Anniversary console ever made, the prestigious “00001” out of 12300 units.

The auction was a Japan-only event that attracted over 15,000 bidders who wish to obtain this rare piece of hardware, ending with one of the bids reaching 15,135 million Yen or what’s equivalent for $129,000. It didn’t stop there, Sony donated that as promised and additional money same value as the bid for Save The Children Japan, gathering a whooping $258,000 worth of donation.

“We appreciate all who participated in the auction and are surprised at the highest bid price, which was higher than our expectations,” a Sony representative.

The 20th Anniversary edition of the PS4 pays homage to the Original console released 20 years ago. With a color of the Original Silver, Symbols scattered around the console and the controller, and the original PS logo. It was given to loyal fans by Sony in various ways like bringing a piece of the original PS1 or quizzes that test your love to the long-running brand.

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