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The Results for today matches 15 Oct from Worlds 2017 in League of Legends

The Results for today matches in Group Stage at League of Legends World Championship 2017.



Thanks to aggressive picks like Rumble, Caitlyn, and Jayce, Team WE crushed TSM in a near-flawless game to move ahead in the Group D standings. Team WE beat both Misfits and Flash Wolves at Worlds earlier today to take first place in Group D. WE’s win means that Misfits will now face off against TSM for Group D’s second spot in the quarterfinals.

Flash Wolves earned their first and only victory of Worlds by defeating TSM earlier today. And TSM Defeated Misfits earlier today too.

Finally Misfits put on a clinic today in their tiebreaker against TSM and will advance to the quarterfinals. They made almost no mistakes, and frankly, they outclassed NA’s No. 1 seed at every turn.

TSM, on the other hand, looked like the same team from MSI earlier this year. They didn’t play proactively. They didn’t play to win—they played to avoid losing, and the result is a third straight year of disappointment for NA LCS fans.

The group stage picks up tomorrow where SK Telecom T1 will take on ahq e-Sports Club.


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