The Results for today matches 7 Oct from Worlds 2017 in League of Legends

The Results for today matches in Group Stage at League of Legends World Championship 2017.

EDG have been so close so many times.

Long the LPL champions, that moniker hasn’t meant anything at the last few World Championships, where the team has underperformed again and again. It looks like the same script this season as EDG is now down 0-3 in the group stage by virtue of their latest loss to NA’s Cloud9.

G2 Esports picked up their first win at Worlds today with a stellar performance against 1907 Fenerbahçe.

After losing to Samsung Galaxy on the first day, G2 needed to find a win to boost their hopes of finishing in those important top two spots.

Misfits secured Europe’s first win at the League of Legends World Championship with a dominant victory over Taiwan’s Flash Wolves earlier today.

TSM continues to surge forward with confidence after decidedly crushing Team WE in a quick 30 minute game—placing them at the top of their group.

Team WE may have put on an impressive show during the play-in stage at Worlds, but TSM made quick work of them today.

The giant Korean SK Telecom T1 crushing ahq e-Sports Club today to placing them at the top of their group.

The Worlds 2017 still resuming and we will see who the best team in the next days.

Jalal Tarabulsy

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