After retirement… “League of Legends” player getting paid $800k a year

After retirement… “League of Legends” player getting paid $800k a year

If you thought that professional eSports players have lots of money winning competitions with their teams, then you probably are yet to hear about Wei “CaoMei” Han-Dong’s story.

CaoMei’s tale is one of these examples that has jaws dropping on the floor, the league of legends player who lived 3 years of luxury and a dream come true ever since he stopped playing with his team. In 2011 he used to get paid $491 a month, now and after signing a contract he’s getting paid with a huge amount of money reaching more than $800,000 a year… just by broadcasting his gameplay on Twitch.

Many Chinese eSports professionals are now following shoes, thanx to the simplified life style and the overly generous paycheck for playing their favorite game, signing a contract is now a goal they want to achieve.

We may not be offering that much money here at eSports Middle East just yet, but you still have a chance in getting your name heard by participating in our upcoming and recently announced Dota 2 competition that will be held at IGN con in Dubai, with prizes worth over 10 thousand AED. What are you waiting for? show us your skills and you might be the next CaoMei one day !

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