The Schedule for esports LEC 2019 Spring Split in League of Legends

We are all just two days away from starting one of the funniest esport competition and it’s LEC Spring Split 2019.

Big changes are coming to European League of Legends with the advent of the franchised LEC (League of Legends European Championship) and it’s was knowing as EU LCS (European League of Legends Championship Series). We’re getting new teams in the league, which means new matchups and rivalries. And that doesn’t even include Splyce, whose acronym changed from the awesome “SPY” to the less-awesome but somewhat sinister-sounding “SLY.”

With just less a week until competition starts, we finally have the LEC schedule. Unlike in North America, several of the teams, including exceL and Origen, will be practicing from cities other than LEC host Berlin. That means them— and their fans—may have to travel internationally to see the stage.

From Jan. 18 to March 9, Friday games will start at 11am CT and Saturday games will begin before on hour at 10am CT. For the last week of competition, which begins on March 15, the Friday set starts at 12pm CT and Saturday’s broadcast begins at 11am CT.

You can catch all actions on Riot’s esports website or on the official Twitch channel.

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Jalal Tarabulsy

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