Sony: 4K Bravia TVs that support ‘Playstation Now’ coming this summer

Sony: 4K Bravia TVs that support ‘Playstation Now’ coming this summer

Sony has announced that three new series of Bravia TVs including nine models are going to be released this june , the new series of TVs are going to support a resolution of 4k HD and will allow you to play Playstation 3 games through the new Playstation Now service , sweet!

“We continue to be the only company that offers a complete lineup of consumer 4K products, including TVs, front projectors, cameras, and camcorders, while also leading the industry in providing 4K content,” said Mike Fasulo, president at Sony Electronics. “… We strongly believe 4K is the future for entertainment, and we remain committed to leading the 4K movement, from lens to living room, in a way that only a company like Sony can.”

To play Playstation 3 games on Playstation Now service on those TVs you’re gonna need to hook up a DS3 controller , the new sets of TVs prices range from 2,100$ to 25,000$ .

Playstation Now TV

Playstation Now is a subscription-based streaming service from Sony that allows you to play older Playstation consoles’ games , it’s rumored that renting a game through this service is going to cost you around 5$ and 6$ USD , how long the renting lasts is still unknown , Playstation Now requires a 5Mbps connection and is now still in beta .

Are you excited about the new Playstation Now service ? are you going to move to 4K gaming with TVs like those that Sony are offering this summer ? let us know what you think

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