Sony announces 18.5 million PS4s sold

Sony announces 18.5 million PS4s sold

Sony announced earlier today that it has sold over 18.5 million Playstation 4 units worldwide so far, according to a new financial report of the firm.

The numbers came after the successful holiday season for Sony’s console, as it has sold more than 4.1 million units. PSN Plus subscribers have reached over 10.9 million users so far as well.

Other numbers include 81.8 million PS4 games sold. And in compassion with PS2s sales in the same time frame, the PS4 is currently outselling Sony’s greatest console and is on the way to become the best selling Playstation console to date.

Playstation 4 still holds the title as the most sold next generation console. It was only recently that the Xbox One could claim the spot in the US after the PS4 had been on top in that region for almost a year, Thanks to Microsoft’s crazy offers and price drops in November

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