cs_summit 2 is over but there are more surprises from the tournament

cs_summit 2 is over but there are more surprises from the tournament

The cs_summit 2 tournament is already over, but what we are going to discuss today will be related with new announcements, including the future of the tournament as well.


Liquid have won the second edition of cs_summit after defeating Cloud9 3-2 in the grand final.

The title decider kicked off on Train, where Liquid opened up the action with a bast execute onto the outer site. Cloud9looked poised to take the round, but then Nick “nitr0” Cannellapulled off a 1v2 clutch to give his team the lead.

That was the start of a great run from Lucas “steel” Lopes’s men, who continued dictating the pace of the game, with the scoreline blooming to a 6-0 advantage. It was only then that Cloud9 finally managed to hold off the Terrorists, and curiously it was on a very weak buy from the Major champions, who relied on a triple-kill from Timothy “autimatic” Ta. For the rest of the half, C9 kept their defense very tight and never allowed their opponents to get any economic development, bringing the deficit to a minimum.

Now playing on the Terrorist side, Cloud9 won the pistol round and the following anti-eco to take the lead for the first time in the game. But it would not last as Liquid were quick to soak up the pressure, winning six of the following seven rounds to get very close to map point.

With the game clearly slipping away from them, Cloud9 upped the pace and won the next four rounds to tie up the score. As the teams traded round for round, the game went into overtime, in which Liquid would win two rounds in both halves to lock down the map, 19-17.

Next up was Mirage, which saw what appeared to be a reinvigorated Cloud9 side cruise to a 5-0 lead on the Terrorist side. However, Liquid set up a strong defense for the rest of the half, which ended in a surprisingly close 9-6 scoreline in favour of steel’s side.

Carrying their momentum into the second half, Liquid won the pistol round with an A execution thanks to Keith “NAF”Markovic clutching a 1v2 situation. They continued to ran over the Cloud9 defense until the 21st round, when a quad-kill from Tarik “tarik” Celik in the B site earned his team their first round of the half.

Cloud9 would follow up that with another round, bringing the deficit to 8-14, but Liquid remained calm and collected, winning the next two rounds to take the lead in the series.

Eager to wrap things up quickly, Liquid came out the livelier of the two sides on Cache as they secured the pistol round, but then they were caught off-guard by Jake “Stewie2K” Yip’s massive triple-kill with a Deagle with just two bullets in the chamber.

That round propelled Cloud9 into a fantastic run as they won 13 rounds without response before Liquid took the final round of the half to bring the deficit to 2-13.

Liquid knew they would have to play a near-flawless second half to overcome the massive deficit, and they got off to a flying start on the CT side, winning nine of the opening ten rounds. But a comeback was not on the cards as Stewie2K clutched a 1v2 to put his team on map point before Will “RUSH” Wierzbawon a decisive 1v1 in the next round to take the series to a fourth map.

It all came down to Overpass, which began with Liquid taking the opening two rounds of the map before they were stunned by RUSH’s triple-kill with a Deagle in a force-buy. The game then entered a scrappy period of play until midway through the half, with Liquid then winning six of the last eight rounds to take a 9-6 lead.

Cloud9 kept themselves in the game by stopping Liquid’s B execution in the following pistol round thanks to a trio of kills from RUSH. The Major champions followed it up with the subsequent anti-ecos, restoring parity at 9-9, but they lost their grip on the game once the Terrorists had money to work with. Liquid’s economic control was simply crushing, and, with NAFin stunning form, they quickly closed out the map after conceding just one gun round throughout the half.

1.  Liquid – $63,750
2.  Cloud9 – $33,750
3.  SK – $19,500
4.  Heroic – $15,000
5-6.  Torqued – $5,250
5-6.  North – $5,250
7-8.  Vega Squadron – $3,750
7-8.  NiP – $3,750

Liquid’s newest member Keith “NAF” Markovic is the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of cs_summit 2 by HLTV.org & Betway.

The 20-year-old capped off a fantastic tournament with a team-leading 1.30 rating in the final against Cloud9, putting in above-average ratings on all four maps.

As the grand final between Liquid and Cloud9 is underway, the organizers of cs_summit 2 have revealed their plans for another LAN event this year.

Beyond The Summit, the tournament organizer that joined the Counter-Strike competitive circuit after finding success in other esports such as Super Smash Brothers Melee and DOTA 2, have announced their third CS:GO LAN event.

cs_summit 3 will take place in the second half of the year, on October 11-14. With the next CS:GO Major scheduled for the end of September, cs_summit 3 should, similarly to cs_summit 2, be one of the first tournaments to be held after the Major.

No details about the format have been revealed at this point, but it’s hard to expect big changes to Beyond The Summit’s approach. A laid-back tournament with a handful of good teams is most likely what cs_summit 3 will have in store for us.

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