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Tfue after FaZe Clan: Fortnite’s pro future plans revealed

Fortnite player Turner “Tfue” Tenney and FaZe Clan lawsuit have kept the entire esports world on its toes, and an ambitious future plan might have the same huge impact if done right by the American pro


We talked a few days ago about the lawsuit that Tfue brought upon FaZe Clan, and now the famous Fortnite player is packing his bags to leave the team and embark on a new journey of his own. Although FaZe had a good reputation among the players in the past, the way it handled the situation was not the ideal in the case of “Tfue”, which prompted him to leave.

Today, according to Youtuber KEEMSTAR, Turner seems to be seriously considering starting his own esports organization, according to sources including his brother Jack Tenney himself. Tfue creating his own organization will allow him to “work with the brands he wants, and overall be free to change the face of gaming forever.”

“[Tfue] doing this is going to help a lot more people than it hurt,” Jack wrote, hinting that his brother’s plans were not just about him, but hundreds and possibly thousands around the world.

“These kids are getting ripped off, they’re being taken advantage of,” Tfue said in the video. “These contracts are not OK and this needs to never happen again.”

The main problems in the contract for FaZe Clan are the cuts from sponsor deals and profits of the player, with 80% of the proceeds taken sometimes. In addition, Tfue could not contract with the companies he liked without taking the consent of FaZe Clan.

For its part, FaZe Clan said that the contract “Tfue” signed is an old version, and that it tried several times to make the player sign the new version, but he has not done so yet. According to the organization, many points in the lawsuit belong to the old contract, but “Tfue” does not seem to agree.

In any case, the decision will be California Court’s, which, if it finds out the contract violates the law, Turner will be released from that contract and thus leave FaZe Clan.

What follows will undoubtedly be interesting, especially with Tfue’s vision of a future where players have the first and last word in what they do.


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