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Tfue sues FaZe Clan for “unfair and illegal agreements

Fans of the pro Fortnite player woke up this morning to the news of Turner “Tfue” Tenney beef with the well-known FaZe Clan, as their relationship may be ending after news of his intention to sue that organization for unfair working conditions and multiple offenses


The news reports that Tfue has filed a formal lawsuit against FaZe Clan on May 20, due to the unfair control over his career opportunities in violation of the laws of California state, according to the report of the Hollywood Reporter.

According to “Tfue” claims, FaZe Clan also controls 80% of the proceeds of his promotional deals, leaving only 20% to the player, in addition to not handling much of his payments so far. Not only that, but the organization has forced “Tfue” to carry out a number of dangerous stunts in its videos, causing him to be put in danger more than once and damage his arm.

“Faze Clan also continuously pressured and encouraged Tenney and others to undertake dangerous stunts while performing in videos,” said Bryan Freedman, Tfue’s lawyer. “During one video, Tenney suffered an injury to his arm while skateboarding which resulted in permanent disfigurement.”

The report speaks of Tfue’s dissatisfaction with his current position in the video game team since September last year, as he tried to cancel his contract at the time, but his request was rejected, forcing him to stay this long.

“The time is now for content creators, gamers and streamers to stop being taken advantage of through oppressive, unfair and illegal agreements. The significant legal actions taken today will be a wake up call that this behavior will no longer be tolerated. The gaming community deserves a safe environment that allows gamers the freedom to control their own careers.”

The lawsuit comes only a few days after Tfue and Ninja spoke of the dangers of joining esports organizations. The American professional said that everyone should be cautious when signing the contract and ensure that they receive all the financial rewards without sharing with the organization. It now feels like it was a hint towards his situation with the organization.

FaZe “Banks” on the other side denied allegations that his organization took 80% of Turner’s profits, stating that the contract contained no mention of the matter. The CFO continued to talk to his Twitter followers about the matter, saying that Tfue was a family and that he was dissatisfied with his decision Take the differences to court.

Tenney recently qualified for the Fortnite World Cup. It is not clear whether these repercussions will affect his participation or not at the moment.


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