Great performance by Invictus during the third day of Group Stage at Worlds 2018

The Chinese teams are still domination during the third day of Group Stage at League of Legends Worlds 2018, including RNG, Invictus and EDG.

RNG still one of the best teams in this tournament and the favorite one to be this year World Champion. On the other side, we have Invictus Gaming, the second team from LPL with 2-0 records at Group Stage until now. Finally, we have EDG the third LPL team with 2-0 records too.

Teams Standings:

Group A

  • Flash Wolves: 2-0
  • G2 Esports: 1-1
  • Phong V ũ Buffalo: 1-1
  • Afreeca Freecs: 0-2

Group B

  • RNG: 3-0
  • Team Vitality: 2-1
  • Cloud9: 1-2
  • Gen.G: 1-2

Group C

  • kt Rolster: 2-0
  • EDG: 2-0
  • MAD Team: 0-2
  • Team Liquid: 0-2

Group D

  • Invictus: 2-0
  • Fnatic: 1-1
  • 100 Thieves: 1-1
  • G-Rex: 0-2

The third day of Group Stage:

Cloud9 vs. Gen.G

Gen.G came into the day at 0-2, which was disappointing for the team that won the World Championship last year. Cloud9 was kind enough to gift them their first win today, you know, out of pity. In all seriousness, Cloud9 did put up a decent fight, but Gen.G ran the show for almost the entire game. They won 11 kills to two, eight towers to two, and with an 11,000 gold lead. In other words, it was a thrashing.

RNG vs. Vitality

Most of the games today were extremely one-sided, apart from only a couple. We were surprised to see that one of the games that weren’t was between RNG, who are one of the tournament favorites, and Vitality, who are the exact opposite. but for sure, RNG still the winner in this match.

100 Thieves vs. G-Rex

The NA saviors of the day were 100 Thieves. They are regarded to be the underdogs of the group, which makes their win against G-Rex today all the more satisfying. G-Rex didn’t play especially bad. In fact, they looked pretty solid all throughout and even pushed the game to over 35 minutes. There’s no denying that 100T stepped up to the plate, though, and if NA is going to have a shot this year, they’re going to need a lot more of that.

Fnatic vs. Invictus

Fnatic lost their game against Invictus today, giving the LPL their sixth straight win. The game, however, wasn’t all bad for Fnatic. Despite being set behind by a large margin fairly early in the game, they managed to keep making picks and miracle plays to stay in the game. It was a graceful loss, but it still proves that Invictus really is the best team in this group.

Liquid vs. EDG

NA’s best hope just picked up their second loss in a row against the team they’ll need to beat to make the cut for knockouts. The loss to kt wasn’t as pressing, because kt were the clear favorites, but EDG is the team that’s in their direct path to second place in the group and a playoffs qualification. In this game, Liquid were almost never on the same page, they forced objectives with little reason, and refused to use important tools to prevent losses in fights. They lost by over 10,000 gold, and the game only breached 20 minutes by a little bit.

kt Rolster vs. MAD

Most people probably expected MAD to lose their opening game on day three to the tournament-favored kt Rolster, but we didn’t expect they’d lose this bad. Kt were up around 10,000 gold at only 20 minutes, and they were passing inner turrets to knock on MAD’s base by 18 minutes. There isn’t much to say about this game that can’t be said by that info alone. MAD lost the lanes, the jungle, and it was a very disappointing showing from them.

Remember you can watching all games on this Twitch channel or on lolesports to take advantage of in-game Worlds missions and rewards.

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