This is why Tychus doesn’t have his cigar in Heroes of the Storm

This is why Tychus doesn’t have his cigar in Heroes of the Storm

It’s safe to say that most -if not all- of StarCraft players are used to see Tychus Findlay with a cigar in his mouth. Afterall, it’s a unique and iconic touch to his personality. So what happened in Heroes of the Storm to prevent such a detail from being shown?

The answer came in a major thread at Reddit posted by Blizzard to address the fans’ anger towards the change. Where they clarified that it was for the good of everyone.

“Heroes of the Storm is a multi-region game with a teen rating. There are a magnitude of guidelines we have to be aware of, From a development standpoint we prioritize making Heroes and Skins as utilitarian as possible, if a single model can be used in all regions, that’s a huge win for development.

“In the case of Tychus’ cigar there were regions where he wouldn’t be allowed to smoke. We have two options: Make 2 versions, one smoking, one non-smoking, or Remove the Cigar.”

So it looks like we won’t be seeing any cigars or smoking anywhere in Heroes of the Storm. It’s healthier that way anyway isn’t it?

Heroes of the Storm is now available in Beta for PC.

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