Here is tomorrow Patch 7.17 in League of Legends

As the Meta continues to settle for Worlds, Riot is holding the last call on balance changes, rounding up and taking care of a few last waves of problems. Patch 7.17 will be here tomorrow, and it won’t have almost 30 champions being changed at once like the last patch, but that doesn’t mean the balance changes within are insignificant.

No major changes, reworks, or updates are coming, but these smaller changes are still needed. Let’s get to know about most important changes.


He doesn’t call it the League of Draaaaaaaaven just because it’s fun. He calls it that because he’s been absolutely running the show in solo queue for the past four to five months. His stage appearances in pro play are almost non-existent, but that doesn’t take anything away from his solo queue dominance.

He’s had the highest solo queue win rate for quite a long time, according to League of Legends stats site’s why no one’s surprised that a nerf is coming his way in tomorrow’s patch.

It’s not his damage that’s coming under fire though, it’s his safety net. His passive, League of Draven, ensures that Draven can snowball uncontrollably once he picks up a few kills in the early stages of the game. He’ll now lose 75 percent of his Adoration stacks upon death, up from 50, and the base gold he earns from a kill is being lowered from 50 to 25. This means that if Draven keeps dying and doesn’t farm well when he’s behind, it’s going to be a lot harder to claw your way back into the game.


Leona has had a rough time keeping up with her fellow tanks, especially in the support role. Alistar, Thresh, Braum, and even Tahm Kench are all much more popular that the Queen of Crowd Control herself, and that’s mostly because they can all either trade damage or provide enough usefulness outside of engaging. Leona can really only engage on enemies, and that’s it.

That being said, adding more usefulness to her kit would take away from Leona’s identity as the best scuffle starter in the game, so she won’t be getting any new features or effects. Instead, she’s getting more damage, so at least she’ll be able to trade in lane easier.

Her passive, Sunlight, will now only last for 1.5 seconds on enemies, down from 3.5. It will, however, deal a lot more damage. Its proc damage is being increased across the board. Right now, it starts out at 20 damage and scales up to 105, but it’s being increased to start at 25 and end the game at 144. Her stun, Shield of Daybreak, is also getting a shorter cooldown. It will now be a flat six second cooldown, instead of starting out at nine and scaling down to five.


Ezreal has a lot of problems. Right now, it seems like his biggest problem is how difficult of a time he has dealing with all the tanks in the current tank meta. His other problem is that he’s a late game hyper carry ADC, but it’s so much harder to get to that point on Ez when you compare him to Twitch, Vayne, Kog’Maw, and Trist.

He’s going to be the target of a pretty big rework to replace his W with something more useful and expressive, but that’s still a while away. In the meantime, he’s getting a flat damage buff.

His Q will now deal bonus damage equal to 125 percent of his total attack damage rather than 110. This won’t feel like much, but as you consistently land Q’s in extended fights, it starts to stack up, and you’ll notice you’re killing people a lot faster. This will help him with all of his weaknesses, but don’t be fooled, this is certainly just a band-aid until his W can be replaced.

The new Champion Ornn

The past couple of years have yielded some very special and unique champions in League of Legends. Between Jhin, Ivern, and Kayn, each one has felt more fun and exciting than the last.

Ornn is going to continue that trend as perhaps the most unique playable vanguard tank in the entire game. He can shop without being in base, he can upgrade his allies’ items, and his kit is extremely fun. Ornn’s will be available tomorrow.

Here the items can be upgraded for his team

Thunder Lord Ornn skin will be available in the store, and it will cost 1350 RP.

New star Guardian skins

Star Guardian Ahri

Star Guardian Miss Fortune

Star Guardian Ezreal

Star Guardian Soraka

Star Guardian Syndra

Patch 7.17 will be available tomorrow when update your own client.

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