Tunisia is the African champion at ESWC Africa 2018 with Limitless.GG

ESWC Africa ended yesterday with Limitless.GG lifting the cup to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event, with Tunisia being the African champion in the 2018 edition of the event

The ESWC Africa finals were held in Casablanca, Morocco yesterday, with four of the best teams in the African region competing for a total of $ 15,000. While Tunisia’s final arrival was guaranteed with Limitless.GG and Extreme in both semi-finals, the task was more difficult for Algeria and Morocco, Game of Throw and Atlas Lions respectively, especially with the final on the ground and His audience.

Indeed, Atlas managed to show a flawless performance, dominating the match against Extreme Tunisia, ending with two maps for nothing, while on the other hand, Game of Throw was not in front of Limitless, who managed to reach the final to face the Moroccan opponent .

With the start of the challenge on Inferno, both teams showed a strong performance with Limitless advancing by just three rounds in the first half to score 9-6, but continued to widen the gap after the CT and T roles changed, Ensuring the first map of the final.

An amazing return to the challenge from the Atlas Lions saw a more impressive performance on the Mirage map, leading to a draw 15-15 to go the game to extra time amid cheering and encouraging fans for their Moroccan team. Although the result remained almost equal in all the extra rounds, only two rounds were enough to finish everything with Limitless’s reach of 19-17 and thus a big win in the final and carry the precious trophy.

If the Tunisian team Limitless.GG is the champion of Africa in the ESWC this year, we can only congratulate him and all the team to participate in the professional performance supervisor in this tournament!

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