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Valour eSports Acquires Aimers Alive

Valour eSports has missed the competitive edge of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for a good time, but its absence will not last long.



Today Valour officially announced it’s return to the competition. after being separated from it’s main team, which has saddened some of us, but today Valour has good news for all their fans.

Valour eSports were able to take over the well-known Jordanian team in the Middle East arena, Aimers Alive, after confirming that they looked back and forth for the right team and did not want to bring any ordinary team to go up with stardom under their care.

The confirmation of this news came through an official statement from the organization in its Facebook account, and came after the announcement of the aforementioned team in Facebook  as they also spoke of the desire to contract with an organization during the participation in the WCA 2017.

As we know, Aimers Alive was able to oust its opponents in the Middle East qualifiers for the tournament and managed to qualify for the main event after dominating second place, which we discussed in detail.

Jason Michael Mann, one of the founders of the organization, sat with us in an exclusive interview in which he spoke about their proliferation in several games, and several other interesting information, which you find in the interview article.

The Aimers Alive squad consists of the following:

Assem “Admiral” Hussein

Qahtan “Klee” Farman

Yazan “KinGRooS” Aljami

Omar “3ARKOOZ” Elayyan

Yousef “Xantraa” Raad



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