Valve reveals more info about Steam Machines and Source 2 engine at GDC 15

Valve reveals more info about Steam Machines and Source 2 engine at GDC 15

Valve certainly made a good impact at GDC this year. With the reveal of many new technologies like the firm’s own VR headset which was designed with the help of HTC called Vive, and more news on the Steam Machines and Controllers.

The launch date of the console-like Steam Machines will be November this year according to Valve, and they will be made by many famous PC manufacturers like Alienware and Falcon Northwest. Approximate price sits between $350-$400 as the intention is to build devices more powerful than consoles yet at the same price point.

A final version of the Steam Controller was shown as well. It’ll hit the shelves with the release of Steam Machines and are priced at $50 each. You can have your first look at the controller in the video embedded below.

Lastly, the successor of the famous Source engine that we saw Valve using in all of its titles all the way back to Half Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source will be free with no hidden costs. Source 2 will have many tools that allow for more creative freedom for anyone wanting to take part in video games’ making. Along with the new OpenGl technology called Vulkan anyone can jump in and get the latest in technology and graphics for his game absolutely free.

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