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Video games audience is bigger than ESPN, HBO, Netflix and Hulu combined

Look, there’s a ton of people who like to watch video games on the internet..welcome to 2017. According to the industry researchers at SuperData, the “worldwide gaming video content audience” includes 665 million people. And the company predicts a 21 percent viewer increase between now and 2021.

According to the report, there’s now a bigger audience for gaming video than the combined audiences of HBO, Netflix, ESPN, and Hulu. For reference, Netflix’s subscriber count is somewhere near 100 million, while Hulu maintains about 12 million. PewDiePie alone has over 54 million YouTube subscribers.

The report also states that men make up 54 percent of the audience for gaming streams and videos while women account for 46 percent. Additionally, gamers who watch streams and videos have a higher average income than other gamers, and like to spend it. There was “nearly 100 million hours” watched of League of Legends in February alone, according to the report, with CS:GO coming in second at 40 million hours on Twitch.

You can read more in SuperData’s full reportt if you’re interested in more numbers and bits.


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