Video showing a realistic “Counter Strike” experience using Virtuix Omni

Video showing a realistic “Counter Strike” experience using Virtuix Omni

Are you a fan of the famous First Person Shooter game “Counter Strike” ? have you ever dreamed of entering its world and acquiring more control over your character ? then you should definitely watch this video to see what gaming technology has achieved lately.

The clip below shows a demo of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gameplay using the “Oculus Rift” , which is the latest virtual reality headset , and “Virtuix Omni” , a treadmill-like device that tracks the movement of your feet as a way to move in-game , in addition to a rifle that completes the virtual gaming experience of a shooting game , watch how the three things work together below :

The virtual reality device , Oculus Rift , is still in its early stages and has not yet been released for consumers , you can get the Developer’s kit edition of it for 350$ , the Virtuix Omni is available for pre-order now and you can throw a 500$ you don’t need at it to get one .

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