This VR Sonic game allows you to see his world like never before

This VR Sonic game allows you to see his world like never before

Fan-made games for the Oculus Rift continue to impress us , as you’ll see in the clip below …  sonic game made by a fan using Unreal Engine 3 running in First Person mode , allowing you to see Sonic’s world through his eyes as he runs and jumps, all of that in Oculus Rift’s Virtual Reality technology .

Some users have experienced discomfort using the virtual reality , as it gets you in a world your brain knows that it isn’t real but your eyes show it to you like if you were actually there , which causes some discomfort after relatively long playing sessions , the thing that makes this Sonic game a nightmare for you if you don’t like those roller coasters at your local Amusement Park.


it’s worth to mention that the Oculus is still under development and the available kits are Developer’s kits , the Customers versions are going to be better , support higher resolution , and more comfortable to use , and is releasing at some time in the future , Facebook acquirement of the oculus would allow further researches and covering of development costs.

To watch the video :

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