Watch how awesome The International’s DOTA 2 stage is

Watch how awesome The International’s DOTA 2 stage is

$18 million dollars price money isn’t the only impressive thing about “Dota 2” championship this year. Just wait until you see this special stage used in “The International” event at Seattle this week.

What’s special in this stage is not only the two booths where the teams sit in front of multiple screens showing the corresponding heros’ faces, but how interactive is the floor which displays the changes in the game on the map. If a player casts an “Ultimate” or even a “Basic” spell the floor would show a wave hitting the enemy’s booth. There are few other details and effects and they’re really cool to watch so have a glimpse of them:

The International is an annual DOTA 2 championship with prize money consisting of purchased items’ value. This year’s prize pool hit $18 million dollars with 16 competing teams from all around the world.

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