Here’s a recap of today WCA 2017 UAE qualifier matches

Here’s a recap of today WCA 2017 UAE qualifier matches

Today we have seen the end of the first qualifying matches of the current WCA 2017 UAE qualifier, which takes place at Dubai’s Hub Zero.


The first match of the day was an interesting match between eight teams, starting with Nasr.Risky against RAPID.CS and YaLLa eSports against After Dark, as well as a match between Fear The Reaper against Validous Gaming and finally a match between Onlines and Valour Esports.

YaLLa eSports beat After Dark 16-14 in the inferno’s map, making it great match with a good  start to both teams. The result was a little too high for YaLLa eSports, Which proved an excellent start to these qualifiers.

The second match between Nasr.Risky and RAPID.CS enabled the former to score a 16-8 victory over them, which indicates good progress from Nasr.Risky and good attempts to modify the game by their opponents, to move directly to the third match between Some of the strongest teams in the brackets are YaLLa eSports and Nasr.Risky. Both teams have taken control of the rounds to give fans a lot of fun, but YaLLa eSports proved to be the best for the day and spread their control over the final rounds of the game to finish 16-11. to be in the Top of these qualifiers.

The next match between Onlines and Valour Esports, in which the latter tried to climb the ladder of victory by scoring a deserved win in ten rounds, but Onlines had the biggest win after ending the conflict at the final result 16-11.



The game we are going to talk about now was from the bottom of the brackets, where there are the losing teams in the top section, to get a last chance to continue the tournament or it will be completely eliminated, and this match exactly was between the team RAPID.CS and After Dark, repeating the big for the game that we enjoyed between YaLLa eSports and their opponent After Dark, so the final result was exactly the same but the only difference here is the change heart of the scales after After Dark beat their opponent RAPID.CS 16-14.

Fear The Reaper showed some good control and seemed to be able to control the back shots, especially after their enemy stuck at 11 rounds. and therefore The game ended with the final result 16-11.

The final game of the day brought Onlines and Fear The Reaper together, and the pro players were still tough and fighting hard, with the teams drawing 14-14, but the final win was for the team Fear The Reaper at 16-14.

The UAE qualifiers of WCA 2017 will continue until tomorrow, September 23, with the first match will be between Fear The Reaper and Onlines.

You can read more details about the qualifiers in a previous article when we also mentioned the date of the national qualifiers on tomorrow for all the Arab countries except the UAE (which is currently under way) and Lebanon, which will take place on 23 and 24 September at Adonis Net in Beirut. Games will be broadcasted with full coverage through our various channels below, along side a live broadcast in Arabic at Hub Zero Studios sponsored by MSI Middle East.

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