‘Wolfenstein: The new order’ deserves going back to it again once you finish it

‘Wolfenstein: The new order’ deserves going back to it again once you finish it

Looks like it’s worth a shot going back to the new Wolfenstein’s world once you finish it , as you’ll have the choice to experience an alternative timeline , at least that’s what “Jens Matthies” explained recently about the upcoming shooter game.

“This game is exclusive single-player, but we’ve built in lots of replay value,” he said.

“Most notably is that the player makes a choice early on the outcome of which opens up an alternate time line which changes the vibe of the story. It’s recommended to do a second play through and see what would have happened if you chose differently.

“I don’t want to give any spoilers, but it changes the vibe of the story to a degree and alters the gameplay somewhat. We think of it as an alternate ending, but instead of it just affecting the final cinematic, it affects the tone of the whole game a little bit.”

He also mentioned that the completion time would be close to 20-hours for the player to “collect everything and explore everywhere” .

“I think a single playthrough could end up close to 20 hours,” he said. “But there’s also lots of incentive to make a second play through, especially to explore the alternate time line.”

The anticipated Bethesda’s reboot , “Wolfenstein: The New Order” is coming to PC , Xbox 360/One and Playstation 3/4 on May 20 .

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