You won’t be able to play Online Co-op in Revelations 2 Story Mode

You won’t be able to play Online Co-op in Revelations 2 Story Mode

Game’s producers at Capcom revealed that the next installment Resident Evil: Revelations 2 won’t have an online co-op mode unlike the recent iterations of the series. Instead, you’ll have to play with your partner on the same couch.

Story Mode can be played in Single Player and local co-op, you can switch between the two characters in the first while you can only play on the same screen in the second. The change was essential for the survival horror atmosphere that the team are aiming for.

Raid Mode will still have online playability with no changes on the format. It’s only the Story Mode that won’t allow online play. Speaking of which, Revelations 2 story will have nothing to do with the first Revelations game.

First Episode is coming February 24 in the light of the recent delay, later episodes will be releasing weekly until the last one in March 17. After that, a full release will hit the shelves for PC, Xbox 360/One and PS3/4 including all the episodes and some extras that we’ve reported previously.

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