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Zombie Army Trilogy is coming to Current-gen consoles and PC

Rebellion Games announced that they’re bringing the Nazi Zombie Army games to PS4 and Xbox One in addition to PC in the new Zombie Army Trilogy release, which includes the previous two games and a third, unreleased campaign for the Sniper Elite spinoff.

Zombie Army Trilogy comes packed with 15 missions split into 3 main campaigns. The content familiar to Nazi Zombie players has been upgraded like new animations and enemy designs. 4 new female characters have been added as well and can be picked in the new cooperative Horde mode, Which includes 5 dedicated maps.

Zombie Army Trilogy comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC this year. Those who own the original two games will get 60% off the new release. Watch the teaser below and get ready to blow some zombie chunks in the slo-mo X-ray kill cam the series is known for.


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