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Esports Olympics are now a thing thanks to British government

It looks like the British government has just established a new committee to take Esports to the next level, as it backed the International eGames Committee to organize “eGames”, the world’s first gaming Olympics.

eGames was announced yesterday by secretary of culture Ed Vaizey and it’s organized by the non-profit organization IEGC. The first tournament is set to be held in Rio De Janiro side to side with the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Teams consist of players over the age of 18 and are to be called “eTeams”. There will be four teams as a start from Brazil, UK, USA and Canada with hopes of global representation later on.

Unlike other Esports events there won’t be any prize pools here. Instead, winners will have Gold, Silver and Bronze medals just like the Olympics. eGames will be subject to Esports rules from anti-doping to cheat preventing and what not.

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