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Esports Regulatory Congress seeks the unification of global esports standards

A number of prominent esports personalities around the world are meeting together to discuss the status of competitive video games at the Esports Regulatory Congress at the end of this month, with the aim of unifying the standards governing this new competitive field.

Different standards and regulations for esports have always been a weakness that has prevented the unification of international events and the adoption of the same professional standards, whether they concern the players themselves, sponsors, or organizing companies. All of that is about to change soon, and the beginning will be with the Esports Regulatory Congress in Barcelona.

With a number of prominent names in the sky of esports such as Chester King, CEO of the British Esports Association, Daniel Cossi, president of WESCO, Anna Baumann, Managing director of Rogue Sports Europe, Saeed Sharaf, CEO of Esports Middle East and a number of other speakers, the conference will discuss on September 23-24 The current developments of eSports standards and provide a platform for discussion between experts in this field and a link between them and a number of other parties such as players, team officials, and the media.

The main discussion will be how to standardize esports in the midst of its ever-increasing growth, but other topics such as investments, integrity, protection of media rights and more will also be present.

The conference will take place at the Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel, where Q&A sessions, discussions, lectures, panels and more will be held with more than 200 participants from around the world of esports. You can purchase tickets to the conference via the official link here.

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