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Esports revenue to reach half a billion this year

We’ve previously heard about Esports reaching numbers in billions in the upcoming years, and today’s report seems to enforce that expectation as PwC is saying 2016 will bring around half billion dollars to the firm.

According to PwC, Esports is expected to bring in $463 million in revenue this year. That’s 43 percent increase on 2015 and slightly lower than the $500 million estimate from Deloitte back in January. League of Legends is the most influential title so far and comes on the top as the most popular choice for Esports viewers.

PwC also made a survey that came up with few interesting numbers, like how 57% of Esports viewers count themselves as Hardcore Gamers, as well as more than a third of them being in the age group of 18-24. Other good findings include FPS games to be the most watched with %63 of viewers saying they watch it, while MOBAs came second with only %37.


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