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Esports to be officially announced as a regular sport next week

The home of many professional teams like Team Empire and Virtus.Pro is about to officially recognize Esports as a real sport in laws and regulations according to a new comment by the official authorities.

Even though Russian players have been kinda hated in the gaming scene for their toxicity, we can’t deny that Russia is one of the more open countries to the culture of video games as it previously recognized competitive gaming in 2001 before canceling that in 2006 because the scene didn’t meet minimum requirements.

Now and after 10 years it looks like the official recognition is coming back and it’s better than ever. Esports will be in the same sentence as normal sports and it will be registered in the official register of sports in June 17. Many businessmen like the billionaire Alisher Usmanov have backed the industry with millions of dollars investing in this growing scene that is expected to reach 1$ billion dollars in worth by 2019 globally.

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