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EU LCS week two power rankings in League of Legends

We are two weeks into the EU LCS and, for the most part, still have no idea what is going on.



It’s pretty clear that Misfits are at the top of their game and that Unicorns of Love are falling apart. But in between are a whole host of teams that really could go in any direction. With several big matches coming up in week three, including Fnatic vs. Misfits and Schalke 04 vs. Vitality, we hope to get more clarity.

For now, and as always we will start the ranked teams from the bottom in EU LCS.

10- Unicorns of Love (5 points).

9- H2K Gaming (10 points).

8- Giants (18 points).

7- ROCCAT (21 points).

6- G2 Esports (26 points).

5- Splyce (29 points).

4- Fnatic (35 points).

3- Schalke 04 (36 points).

2- Vitality (45 points).

1- Misfits (50 points).

We are still in the week three and everything is available in EU LCS tournament.

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