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Evil Geniuses tops global CS: GO ranking after recent impressive win

North America seems to be back on top, thanks to Evil Geniuses, which did the impossible and won two important events in just one month of its founding, proving to be one of the best investments ever made by an esports organization



Tarik “tarik” Celik and his teammates reached the top of the HLTV World Ranking after defeating Fnatic in the StarSeries i-League final in its eighth season. Although both Astralis and Team Liquid were not present, Evil Geniuses was able to defeat the two best teams in the world before, winning the previous ESL One New York final against Astralis in a tough battle that saw the beginning of the EG era.

EG’s victory in StarSeries proved that ESL’s victory was not only due to the local fans, we saw the same strong performance in the i-League final in Belek, Turkey. With the new win, Evil Geniuses has reached 906 points in the world rankings, ahead of former first seed Astralis, who fell to second place with 876 points.

Fnatic, the winner of the last Dreamhack Malmo championship, came third with a 733-point finish to the i-League final, while Team Liquid dropped two places to fourth with 669 points for not scoring in recent weeks.

The dazzling ascension of EG to the top is proof that the organization’s CS: GO investment was right on the money, with the team winning its first tournament at ESL and continuing strongly since.

It is unclear whether EG will be able to maintain their strong form in the remaining weeks of this year to defend their position, facing a strong challenge at IEM Beijing early next month with Astralis and more powerful teams participating in the tournament. The only certainty is that North America is no longer the butt of EU’s jokes, and that the era of ridicule of its players is over thanks to Liquid, Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses.

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